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Maintenance promise

Shanghai Mingbiao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional factory which produces, sells and maintains all kinds of electronic balances and measured equipments. Founded in 1998, the company has taken producing and selling all kinds of industrial and commercial measured instruments and system as priority. The company constantly completes business philosophy and social value, and tries to serve human being depending on the quickest speed and largest scale. The company has set up good cooperation relationship with more than 100 business men around the world.

The company professionally sells all kinds of electronic measured instruments and deputizes import equipments:
1. electronic balance (0.01g-0.00001 and all kinds of specification)
2. desk electronic counting balance/weighing balance (1.5Kg-30Kg and all kinds of specification)
3. electronic desk balance (30Kg-300Kg and all kinds of specification)
4. electronic steelyard (1t-50t and all kinds of specification)
5. electronic floor scales (1t-10t)
6. electronic auto floor scale (10t-200t)
7. control system and instruments
8. weighing data automatic collection system
9. equipments and parts
10.American Setra precise electronic balance (0.001g-all kinds of specification)
11. Switzerland precisa precise analytical balance (0.0001g-all kinds of specification)
12. German precise analytical balance
13. METTLER-TOLEDO precise balance and electronic industrial balance
14.Japanes A&D precise electronic analytical balance

We can produce all kinds of non-standard electronic balance and RS232 communication output convenient connection calculation according to demands from customers.

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